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I liked it ! :D

Thank you :D

It is available on android too, if you want to play on your phone... :D

As everyone else has said, cool game but way too hard. I just don't feel like I have control.

Maybe make it so the egg bounces off the sides of the screen instead of dying instantly?

Awesome pixel art, but quite hard (at least on the web version it was pretty impossible).

Hi, thanks for playing. :D

I've updated the game with difficulty choices and The "medium"/"relax" as the default difficulty. Hoping that no one frustrate with this game anymore... :D


Yeah cool game with an interesting mechanic...going along w/previous comment, you might try wider gaps at first. Also, you might try switching the buttons, so that "a" causes egg to go left and "d" causes it go to right.

Yeah, actually I'm planning on making a "story mode" with levels that have a gradual difficulties (like you said wider gap first :D), for this "arcade" mode I'll stick to easy-hard option. For the switch button, I think you're right, it's a good idea to put switch buttons on the game setting menu, but first I should make a setting menu firsst I think. I'll working on that.

Thanks for your suggestion Peter! :D

Hey Peter! Check it out, I've added the "inverted" option and different difficulty (not added the "story mode" yet like I promised). Tell me what you think about it! =D

Awesome thanks! I was able to get farther (I did the "easy" difficulty level--thank you!). I couldn't activate the "inverted" option for some reason--am I supposed to click on the word "inverted" with my mouse (playing on my PC browser)...sorry probably a dumb question.


Can't get past 1 goal. Good game though!

Thanks. :D


Nice reaction game, rly!

But too hard(for me), may be you can do more easy ver or easy\hard mode?


Yeah it's hard for me too... Actually this game is inspired from Flappy Bird (it's hard) but the the egg move vertically instead of horizontally. But, I think you're right I'll try making the easier version. :P

Thanks for your comment and suggestion :D


Hi! Check out the update! I've added easy/hard mode... What you think about that?


Yeah, now i don't hate this game, and can get more than 2 score :D

Now game became better, really =)

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Glad you finally like this game :D